Duke of Edinburgh Moving Water Basics

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Beginner courses are designed to run over 4-8 weeks and will take you from beginner to intermediate in a few easy steps. The course can be tailored to suit the participants, and dates can also be tailored to suit. This fun course will take you from amateur to intermediate and teach you all the skills you need to enjoy your time kayaking.  The first lesson will involve capsize drills and self rescue, and then we will move on to water handling and learning the key strokes in the next lessons.

All gear is provided – you just need to bring togs, easy dry clothes (no cotton) and a change of clothes. Footwear suitable for rafting or kayaking will be needed ( Sneakers do not fit in the boat), and lycra rashies or thermals are recommended depending on the weather.

This course will also give you an achievement certificate in flatwater kayaking/ basic skills, and if you reach the next level you can also achieve a certificate in moving water kayaking.